Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Tim Muindi

Tim, Co-Founder of the Muindi Foundation was born and raised in Kenya to parents who believed our short time here on earth was bigger than just ourselves and that we were meant to positively impact others and our communities. His parents set a great example for him by giving their time and financial resources to those unserved or underserved in our community. In the late 90’s they established Tumaini Children’s Home in their hometown of Nyeri, Kenya to serve children who were homeless, abandoned or orphaned. Through this ministry, Tim witnessed the impact people can have purely by acting on what they see as a need. Listening to the many stories of children at Tumaini about their journey, he was touched by how their sense of self-worth was being restored simply by just someone caring and acting to fill a need.   

When Tim moved to the San Francisco Bay Area almost 20 years ago, he became active in the community through various church outreach programs catering to those who were underserved in the community. He saw a great need as many faced food insecurity, lack of shelter, limited economic opportunity, mental health issues, among many others. Tim along with his wife, Serena, decided to periodically start gathering a small group of friends to prepare simple meals at their home and sharing these meals with those who were homeless in their community. Through these outreach opportunities they have been able to, in some small way, meet some of the needs and have continued to mobilize more people to act. Tim’s heart breaks every time he sees people hungry and homeless, especially children. He has heard many stories while out serving and many that he talked to aspire of being self-sufficient so they may be able to provide for their families. Any small part that he can play to make a positive impact on our community is an opportunity that he is thankful for during his short time here on earth. He encourages you to join us in this journey.

Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting/Information technology and a Master of Business Administration, Finance from the Willamette University. His career includes various finance/ treasury consultant and management positions at CNF, Ernst & Young, Seagate, Tibco, LinkedIn, Lumentum and Service Now as Senior Director of Treasury Services. 


Serena Muindi

Serena, Co-Founder of the Muindi Foundation, brings vision to life through unrelenting passion and an insistence on operational excellence.  Her compassionate heart leads her, and her sharp business acumen brings sound ideas to life with incredible efficiency.  With over 20-years’ experience in the finance and management consulting fields, including non-profit consulting, she is a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and navigating the legal and political realities of running a non-profit organization.

Serena was raised in East San Jose, CA. Despite difficult circumstances growing up, she was challenged by her single-mother to be strong, work hard, and more importantly, to rise above of the adults around her that were not good role models.  Serena knows firsthand the effects of sexual abuse, PTSD, drug abuse and depression; it is these experiences that soften her heart towards those who are suffering.

Since she can remember, Serena has made community service and volunteer work a priority for her and her family.  She has been involved in serving the poor and homeless over the last several years. Her story is common and personal. Her father was homeless for a couple of years and as a child she remembers how his PTSD caused by his combat duties during the Vietnam War affected her entire family.

Serena has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration, Finance from the University of Phoenix, which she earned while working full time and raising her daughter. Her career includes a variety of civic and political positions, including various finance management positions at San Jose Evergreen Community College District and the role of Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services for the Contra Costa Community College District. Notable as well is her past involvement as trustee for the Whisman School District.

Serena lives in San Jose with her husband Tim. Their only daughter is an attorney, currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. When she isn’t working, Serena likes to golf, spa days, musical theatre, hosting parties, travel, food & tequila, music, and dancing. Serena can be reached at or .

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergraduate: BS in Accounting
Graduate: MBA in Business Administration
Interests: Golf, spa days, musical theatre, hosting parties, travel, food & tequila, music, and dancing


Racquel Muindi

Racquel is Secretary of the Muindi Foundation and Tim and Serena’s daughter. From a young age her parents taught her to be generous, kind and always stay open to new opportunities to learn about and experience other cultures.  At a young age Racquel saw how gifted her parents were at bringing people together and connecting with total strangers.  Her parents taught her to see people as individuals with their own stories and dreams. For her, the Muindi Foundation is all about the tangible acts that we can all do to encourage those who lack their basic needs. One act, no matter how big or small, can change everything.
Racquel  has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies from Chapman University and a Juris Doctorate from The George Washington University Law School.  She works as transactional attorney in the infrastructure and transportation sectors in the Los Angeles office of a national law firm.

Sara Brenaman​

Sara is an expert communicator with the unique ability to operate with both abundant creativity and thoughtful objectivity.  She sees the big picture, but is keenly aware of the critical details that are needed to make dreams a reality. Her grounded approach to business, solid marketing mind and great design sensibility make her a valuable member of the Board.

Sara was born and raised in Campbell, CA.  She was exposed to service at a young age, watching her parents live out their faith through active roles in their church and local community.  They instilled in her their heart for others and a desire to serve.  Treating everyone with kindness and compassion is paramount to the way Sara approaches her personal and professional life.    

Sara is currently the Marketing Director for Robson Homes, LLC where she leads corporate and product marketing efforts for the privately held real estate development and home building company.  She began working for the company after graduating Cum Laude from Santa Clara University with a business degree in 2002.  After working her way up, she moved on to try her hand in the tech sector. She worked in Consumer Marketing at PayPal and then was recruited back into homebuilding by Benchmark Communities, a then new private builder looking to go public.  She worked as Director of Marketing for Benchmark Communities helping the company solidify its presence in the Bay Area and expanded its national footprint into the Pacific Northwest.  Eventually, she was lured back to her beginnings at Robson Homes where she could have a more hands on approach to the marketing effort. 

Sara lives in Willow Glen with her husband, her spoiled Boston Terrier and her daughter, whose room is off and on empty as she is currently attending college in San Luis Obispo.  Sara’s husband is a talented chef who has opened several successful restaurants in the Bay Area.  Sara shares her husband’s love for all things food and wine, and you will often find the two dining out or hosting friends and family in their home.

Hometown: Campbell, CA
Education: Santa Clara University, Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration
Major in Marketing
Minor in Communications
Interests: Exercise, particularly yoga, Pilates and kickboxing, food & wine, music, funny movies, the beach, and all the dogs.

Travis Beecher

At a young age Travis was surrounded by constant negativity, violence, drugs and no positive male role models for him to look up to.

At the age of two, Travis was adopted by a family that loved, treated and supported him as one of their own and he and knew it was his responsibility to “break the curse” of his early childhood experiences. 

Being humbled by his life’s experiences and determined for a better life, education and a future he was able to overcome the challenges and see the good in every situation (good and bad).

Due to his family members barely completing high school, he had no one in his family to assistance him with preparing for the SAT/ACT exams, college and FAFSA applications. This motivated him, to be a resource for the youth within the inner-city, that needed assistance with applying for financial aid, college, finding scholarships and making career and life choices. 

With the help of his teachers, guidance counselors and advisors, he was able to navigate through his higher education journey. Without them, he would have been lost which is why he chooses to be a resource for the less fortunate.

Hometown: Dania Beach, Florida
Undergraduate: BS in Health Care Management at Florida A&M University
Graduate: MS in Public Administration at Florida A&M University
Research Interests: I am interested in researching; how does foster care settings affect the educational outcomes of African American Males? Additionally, what are the methods put in place to prevent and improve the educational outcome of foster and homeless youth?
Personal Interest:  Working out, cooking, spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling and listening to music

Ching S. Ng

Ching was born and raised in Borneo, Malaysia.  Her desire to learn English brought her to Singapore during her high school years and her journey continued to California where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems.  She later planted roots and raised her son who is now a senior studying Nano Engineering at UCSD.

Ching S. Ng is the HR & Finance Systems Manager at Houzz Inc.  She has over 30+ years of accounting and financial systems experience working in a wide variety of industries including banking, agricultural, construction and high tech in both corporate and as system implementation consultant.  Ching is also a certified Salesforce administrator. Ching brings her abundant positive energy to her work as well as everything she does outside of work.

Volunteering and giving back have always been an important part of Ching’s life.  During her tenure at Yahoo!, she was active in Yahoo Employee Foundation fundraising and volunteering on events such as Back to School Drive, Family Giving Tree, Second Harvest Food Drive and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Her involvement with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society inspired her to join Team in Training to raise funds by running her first half marathon. That first half marathon brought out the runner in Ching and she has not stopped running since.  She has now completed more than 20 half marathons and 15 marathons.

In the last 3 years, Ching has organized and lead a group of volunteers at least once a month to help at The Second Harvest Food Bank Cypress Center in San Jose.  It was during one of these events she met Serena Muindi and joined Serena and her husband Tim in their effort to raise awareness and to help the homeless communities in San Jose.  Ching is excited and energized by the forming of The Muindi Foundation. She is honored to join the foundation and looks forward to serving and to promote the mission of this foundation.

Hometown: Borneo, Malaysia
Undergraduate: BS in Accounting and Management Information Systems
Interests: To raise awareness and to help the homeless communities in San Jose.
Personal Interest:  Hiking, running, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.